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We are a leading customer engagement company with customers and contact center locations in both the US and Canada.  We provide inbound and outbound calling solutions, customer care, and omni-channel communication with both consumers and businesses.   Our experienced leadership team, transparent operational practices, and best-in-class technology provide the results you need to drive your business forward.

Omni Channel

Most companies support multiple communication channels, but often they cannot share context across the channels.  Gemma can integrate multiple channels to provide end-to-end engagement management, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

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Sales and Lead Generation

Gemma has extensive experience with a variety of inbound and outbound sales scenarios, either on a stand-alone basis or through integration and cooperation with in-house call centres.
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Customer Engagement

Gemma has created an engagement strategy that involves efficient processes, risk mitigation, transparency and leadership. The result is the continual evolution of everyday customers into customer advocates.
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Gemma's capabilities can be leveraged in any industry vertical, with extensive experience in the Financial, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Retail markets.
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The Technology Advantage

Gemma utilizes industry leading technologies that facilitate scalability, redundancy, visibility (e.g. remote listening capabilities), advanced outbound dialing, and seamless integrations.
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