Omni-Channel Engagement


The modern customer expects to be able to interact with your company using phone, email, web, text, and social media.  And they expect to be recognized and treated similarly as they move seamlessly between these communication channels.  Gemma approaches every program as an opportunity to -engage- with customers, regardless of the communication medium(s) used.

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Recognizing the Customer

Gemma’s solution-oriented approach allows integration with client infrastructure and applications, which is often required to deliver a single, unified experience and earn the customer’s loyalty.

The Right Message, Right Channel

Different communication media work well for different types of transactions and information dissemination.  For example, an product renewal campaign for existing customers typically yields best results via outbound dialing.  But informational communication like new products announcements, new training courses, new offers etc. can be sent more economically via text messaging with a link to the new content.

Linking Channels

All channels must complement each other to optimize the ed user experience.  For example, an agent could end all calls by asking whether the customer would like to receive on-going text-based communication.  With a click of a button a compliant opt-in request would be sent by the agent.  Later, an inbound dialing campaign could generate inbound leads via text-based communication to this growing subscription list.  Post call text surveys, text-based chat, and on-hold and disconnect mitigation strategies are all candidates for text and email-based integration.


Project and Risk Management 

At Gemma, we understand the risks associated with transitioning your business, so we follow a Risk Management Framework that applies the basic principles of good governance to the identification, assessment, prioritization, management and communication of risks.  We also incorporate accountability, participation and transparency within the procedures and structures by which risk-related decisions are made and implemented.

This Risk Management Framework is interwoven into a  project implementation strategy that includes collaboration and on-going communication with all client stakeholders.  A Client Manager is assigned to each project to ensure post-implementation and on-going needs are prioritized and dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Industry-Leading Technologies

Gemma has created a secure, robust and reliable state of the art infrastructure and service platform that runs in a Tier III data centre, and leverages the most current technology and applications to provide a superior solution to our customers.

Our technology is the foundation for unparalleled operational efficiency, complex integrated solutions, and risk & compliance management.


Whether outsourcing your entire contact centre requirements or serving as an extension to your in-house operations, Gemma helps address the core challenges of contact center management. We provide:

  • Years of specialized experience
  • Agility to address time-of- day, seasonal or market driven staff scalability demands
  • Reliability and availability through redundancy
  • Cost benefits through greater efficiencies and the reduction of administrative costs related to managing a contact centre


Through formal project planning and established on boarding processes, Gemma has worked with many clients to provide seamless and on-time transition of services that minimize costs, business risks and employee impact.


These transitions invariably require full or partial integration with the client’s existing technologies. This is a core competency of our in-house development team. Our team supports industry leading best practices of system integration that are risk compliant and fully redundant.

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