At Gemma, we have extensive experience providing effective sales solutions, including both inbound and outbound sales focused on either consumers or businesses.


Our launch methodology involves detailed consulting by our sales leadership team on sales strategies, scripting, and scheduling, in order to customize and optimize results.  This focus continues throughout the engagement in the form of ongoing adjustments and improvements.

Sales Teams

Gemma can recruit, train and deploy qualified staff quickly to address new programs with short launch windows or when required to meet significant seasonal and/or unexpected program volume changes. The result is always a highly motivated sales team with a singular focus on selling our customers’ unique products and services.


Our advanced dialing technologies are particularly effective in outbound campaigns and programs based on client-provided lead lists, and to generate sales leads. Our extensive sales experience and analytics ensure list penetration and closing rates are optimized.

Loyalty and Engagement

Client Engagement

Besides outbound sales programs, many of Gemma’s clients’ programs involve client contact solutions, for example loyalty, retailer servicing, and re-supply & renewal activities.


Many clients have leveraged Gemma’s ability to provide customer and legislative compliance using detailed or open-scripted contact strategies.

Customer Care

Gemma has leveraged our inbound calling expertise to support e-commerce solutions, and provide help desk solutions, from basic Tier 1 support, up to technical Tier 3.

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